Dear friends and listeners of Christian 105.7, what does it mean to embrace the shepherd’s call?

As we meet one another around our radios, sharing in songs and stories that uplift our spirits, I am reminded of the profound reason behind our daily broadcasts. It’s a simple yet powerful motive: love. Love for each of you, and an unyielding affection for our community that binds us together.

In this season of reflection and joy, I am drawn to the familiar account of the first Christmas, a story that resonates with the heart of our mission here at Christian 105.7. Picture the humble shepherds in the fields, going about their nightly duties under a starlit sky. Suddenly, their world is illuminated by a heavenly message of hope and salvation. These ordinary men, chosen to witness the extraordinary, were compelled by a divine encounter to become messengers of the greatest story ever told.

Their response to this heavenly revelation? They didn’t keep it to themselves. Overwhelmed with joy and awe, they set out to share the good news of Jesus’ birth with all who would listen. Their simple yet profound act of telling others transformed them from silent spectators to active participants in God’s unfolding plan.

Let’s take a cue from these shepherds. As we navigate our daily lives, let us embrace the shepherd’s call to share the good news. In our conversations with neighbors, in acts of kindness to strangers, and in our moments of quiet reflection, let us be ambassadors of hope and love. Whether through a gentle word, a supportive gesture, or even through the music and messages we share on this station, every act of sharing is a ripple that extends the love of Christ further into our world.

As we continue to serve you through our broadcasts, know that each song played and each word spoken is a token of our love and commitment to you and our community. We are more than a radio station; we are a family, united in faith and purpose. And as a family, we cherish the opportunity to join in conversations and encourage one another. You can get the conversation started when you call or text from our homepage, or when you get in touch through our contact page.

So, dear friends, let us all embrace the shepherd’s call in our own right this season. Let us carry the message of love, hope, and joy to all who will listen, echoing the shepherds of the first Christmas. You never know whose heart you might touch or whose life you might change with the simple, powerful story of love incarnate – Jesus.

With warmth and blessings, Dan DeBruler Christian 105.7

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